What does a startup get by paying Araytha as an advisor?

I recently had a startup ask me the following:


I know we’ve discussed it lightly but what exactly will my $XXX be getting me?

An excellent question and one I would hope all startups out there are asking their advisors/service providers.

At Araytha, we strive to always provide greater value in the service we provide than the fee that is charged.  We recognize the fragile funding nature of startups.  We understood that reality when we decided to focus on startups.  We also recognize that most free mentors and advisors don’t often prioritize the needs of a startup.


The first thing our advisees receive is dedicated and frequent support.  This comes in the form of regular, scheduled meetings and as-needed impromptu advice.  This time allows us to build ties with our advisees and pick up on recent challenges we can help them overcome.


So what else will your money be getting you? A somewhat challenging/abrasive question would be: what do you want to get for it? This is often followed by, ‘well, I don’t know exactly.’ This is often one of the challenges faced by early stage entrepreneurs is that they don’t know, what they don’t know. So to again address the question, we help you determine how exactly we should be helping you. We help define the state of the startup and the direction where help is needed most.  We make it our business to put ourselves in your shoes.  If you’re not successful, then we’re not successful.


The follow up to the initial baseline work is defining a path forward. This path is variable in course, but with a common end point.  We offer a wide variety of services, but we partner to focus on what is most important right now.  From there, it’s up to our advisees to see how we can continue to help.


So what will your money be getting you? Based on our experience, exactly what you need.