Kent Oyler


Kent Oyler is a recovering CFO and long-time serial entrepreneur. After earning business and MBA degrees and working for “the man” in large banking and manufacturing companies, he founded OPM and, for good measure, has co-founded 18 more businesses over the past 20 years.


His entrepreneurial companies have been in industries ranging from railroads and leasing to manufacturing and market research. He scored a nice hit with the 1999 IPO of broadband provider High Speed Access Corp., much of which was repurposed into the philanthropic and startup worlds.


Kent serves on numerous public and private corporate boards, as well as, on a dozen civic boards and committees, including United Way of America MDRT, WPO, GLI, Enterprise Corp., Police Foundation and University of Louisville B-School and Overseers.


Outside the office, he likes to ski, run, travel, drive fast and attempt gentleman farming.


Kent received his education at the University of Louisville.