George Parker


Growth Funding Sherpa

So many strategies, resources, technologies, tools and experts are available today to support a company’s growth. Identifying and helping apply the best tools to help a company grow is my passion. A favorite is helping create new, branded service products that disrupt the market and generate explosive growth.


What’s it like to work with George?

  • Problem Solver – I apply an analytical + people approach to identify real vs. stated problems and opportunities to add value to a team, project, process or organization.
  • Communicator – Effective in creating personal, team and product messages that have clarity and impact, but are sensitive to the audience. Creating effective value propositions, copy and positioning statements is part of this skill.
  • Coordinator/Coach – skilled at managing, coaching, and teaching professionals and executives to focus their efforts and maximize individual and team or company growth.

Where are you from professionally? What’s your native industry?

I started my career in marketing research at one of the nation’s largest research companies. Then I built my own company from a regional research and consulting effort to a multi-million dollar firm with a national footprint and dozens of Fortune 500 clients. We evaluated thousands of new product ideas and changed the way many companies developed new products.

Bottom Line

Helping small businesses grow is all about people — the owner, the executives, the staff. Seeing them succeed and grow personally and professionally is my source of satisfaction.