Craig Sumerel




M&A Strategist

I know how to help people get results to grow the top & bottom line. My large corporate and family-owned business experience made me extremely well-versed in human resources, finance, marketing, and operations.


What it’s like to work with Craig?

  • Mergers & Acquisitions – have purchased 14 companies and been purchased twice. I implicitly understand both sides of the equation.
  • Relentless – I always move forward. Continuous improvement mentality.
  • Teacher/Coach – Experienced at helping people improve and strengthen their teams, manage expenses, and understand business 101 philosophy.
  • Strategic Planning – I have been exposed to many versions of this and how to constantly look ahead in the organization.

Where are you from, professionally? What’s your native industry?

I have worked in the banking and automotive services industries. Extensive entrepreneurial experience, involved in all forms and stages of private equity for over 15 years.


Bottom Line

No such thing as status quo – you’re either growing or decaying. My leadership skills and business acumen have helped transform many people to enjoy more successful business careers.