Bruce Healey


Bruce Healey was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and lived in England, Scotland and the Middle East (Bahrain). In 1984, he graduated with a BA in Psychology from Colgate University. He returned to Brazil after graduation, where he worked for Marsh & McLennan, training in London and the US. He was subsequently Alcoa’s Risk Manager for Brazil based in Sao Paulo, at a time when inflation was running 20 to 80% a month. After moving to Mexico and helping establish Marsh McLennan’s independent office in Mexico City, he was subsequently Director for Sao Paulo of a British Insurer, General Accident. He is a licensed insurance broker in both Brazil & Mexico. In 1991 he was nominated a member of the Brazilian Finance Ministry Task Force to help write the new plan to liberalize the insurance market. As a result, he was made a Member Emeritus of the Brazilian Risk Management Society. He is a licensed insurance broker in Brazil and was the first Brazilian to obtain a Mexican Insurance Broker License, in 1994. He has consulted on property Security & Risk Management issues, and in 2013 formed Healey Consulting LLC to help companies interested in investing in Brazil. Bruce is familiar with negotiation strategies and cultural differences in businesses in Latin America, particularly in Mexico and Brazil. Bruce also sat on the advisory board of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Bruce speaks Portuguese, English & Spanish, and holds US, British & Brazilian passports.