Brennan Sweeney


Business Optimizer

I optimize business by improving processes, leveraging technology, and building great teams. I thrive in improving businesses of all sizes across various industries.


What’s it like to work with Brennan?

  • Financial and Business Process Analysis – I quickly analyze the financials and operations processes of a business to find opportunities for financial and performance optimization.
  • Proven implementer – Strong experience in implementing new processes, process changes, and technology to improve business efficacy and efficiency.
  • Strategic Leader – I am able to quickly get understand and get to the heart of a business and develop and lead the execution of a new vision for future success.


Where are you from, professionally? What’s your native industry?

I built my professional foundation as financial auditor and consultant for Big 5 firms, then answered my entrepreneurial calling: I started a property management business, lead it through growth and successful exit. Soon after, I started my own consulting business (in my early 30’s/TBC) focused on business process optimization and increasing efficiencies through technology.


Bottom Line

I now invest in and transform traditional privately-held businesses that are stuck in some way (people, processes, product) and maximize their potential.