Benno Duenkelsbuehler


David M.

I strongly recommend Benno, a dynamic and insightful business leader. His experiences as a CEO, and for me in particular, his experiences leading Product Development teams has been very helpful for me in my role as CEO of Lazy Susan USA. Working with Benno has made me a better and smarter leader.

Chief Expansion Sherpa

Some people say I have a real knack for building and expanding consumer businesses, but it is really just my ability to apply a unique formula of best practices assembled from my experience working with some of the most known and successful consumer brands in the U.S. during formative years.


What’s it like to work with Benno?

  • Engineer/analyst by nurture – raised in German schools, deep appreciation for process, systems, disciplines.
  • Innovator/creator by nature – much of his success is sparked by having insights and vision into what a company could be doing.
  • Engaged/high energy – not the right choice for a company that wants to be cautious and incremental. The market punishes companies that choose that path. Customers (and employees) are drawn to companies that show courage, commitment, and vision.

Where are you from professionally? What’s your native industry?

I spent the first ten years of my career as a merchant and marketer for global retail brands (like IKEA and Pottery Barn), and my second decade in private equity boot camp turning around privately or PE-owned distributors. I founded and run reALIGN Expansion Sherpas (we expand our clients’ market footprint, into new categories and new channels), and I invest in and transform traditional privately-held businesses and maximize their potential.

Bottom Line

I challenge leadership. I learned early on that personal leadership is key to engaging employees and getting them aligned with the brand promise.