Avi E. Ram


Mike Sarow

CEO & Co-Founder / Kapture

At Kapture, a brand new company, every day is a first time challenge. Having Avi around to mentor and guide aspects of our strategy was valuable and timely. We could always count on a straightforward perspective and a high energy interaction. Thanks Avi!

Jon Clements

Co-Founder, CEO / Hapzing

Avi has been a fantastic resource for us. His connections, advice and willingness to help have helped create several new opportunities and customers. I highly recommend him as a strategic partner or consultant and truly appreciate the intelligence, honesty and passion he shows on projects.

Ry Walker

Partner / Differential

Avi is both passionate and astute in his observations and advice to the startups in the Cincinnati ecosystem. He’s always available to help, and his experience with a wide range of disciplines is a valuable asset to the community.

International Entrepreneur

I build companies and deliver a strategy that ensures profitable growth. I deliver top-class project and general management expertise to exceptional people who elegantly solved valuable customer pain, but need help to realize their full commercial potential. I love to be challenged and relish on achieving the impossible.


What’s it like to work with Avi?

  • Strategist – I quickly spot relevant patterns and issues, to create alternative ways to proceed.
  • Competitive Achiever – I believe in working hard, applying stamina and being productive. Enjoy leading the team to first place.
  • Activator – I make things happen by turning thoughts into action. Often impatient.
  • Maximizer – I focus on strengths to stimulate personal and group excellence, transforming something strong into something superb.

Where are you from, professionally? What’s your native industry?

Being an experienced serial entrepreneur and a leader enabled me to create and grow successful businesses. Now I have the expert know-how and a few scars gained mainly in turnarounds and substantial growth situations.


Bottom Line

I combine operational experience, people, and project leadership skills with big picture, innovative thinking. I understand the total value proposition for the customer and know how to get things done.




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