JB Woodruff

How to Pick an Advisor

How do I pick the right advisors for my business?


A fair and common question that is asked by many startup founders.  You will find as a startup that there are many people out there who are willing to give you advice on what you should do.  The challenge is not really in finding the people, the challenge is finding the right people.

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What does a startup get by paying Araytha as an advisor?

I recently had a startup ask me the following:


I know we’ve discussed it lightly but what exactly will my $XXX be getting me?

An excellent question and one I would hope all startups out there are asking their advisors/service providers.

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UpTech’s New EiR – JB Woodruff

Our own JB Woodruff is UpTech‘s first entrepreneur-in-residence (EiR).  Congratulations to him on the role and we look forward to engaging more with the Cincinnati startup community in this manner in the future.

– Source: Soapbox Media

Salesforce for Startups

Salesforce recently announced a Salesforce for Startups initiative to help startups work more effectively by providing free access for 1 year to their tools and resources.

Read the whole article here: http://sforce.co/1tObdWa

Avoiding a Lost Generation

I was reading one of my favorite African economic development blogs, EmergingIdeas, where they recently highlighted an Ernst & Young entrepreneurship study entitled “Avoiding a Lost Generation: Young Entrepreneurs Identify Five Imperatives for Action.”

The 5 Imperatives they listed are:

  1. Expand the choice of funding alternatives
  2. Increase mentoring and broader support
  3. Change the culture to tolerate failure
  4. Target and speed up incentives
  5. Reduce red tape and excessive taxation

The folks over at EmergingIdeas offer a quick take away from the study that’s worth the read.

We’re seeing some great progress in the Cincinnati tri-state area in these areas including access to mentors (we do this at Araytha), support failures as learning and reducing taxation (KY recently signed into law tax credits for angel investments).